RK360 App - data-driven healthcare

About the RK360® Cloud Health Record App

1. Your RK360 App gives every provider you authorize a 360-degree view of actionable information in your encrypted, two-factor authenticated RK360 Record. You get data-driven healthcare not one-size-fits-none care.

2. Your RK360 App simplifies data-driven healthcare during in person and remote visits with familiar and unfamiliar providers. You get peace of mind when changing health plans and when providers’ records are locked by ransomware.

3. Your RK360 App empowers you to claim your data access and exchange rights under HIPAA and the 21st C Cures Act. Providers you authorize get the legal documents and technology tools they need to comply with your requests.

4. Your RK360 App matches you with HIPAA-covered providers with National Provider Identifiers who fit your location, specialty, and health plan preferences. You chat securely with your top choices without surveillance of internet searches.

5. Your RK360 App Family Plan Subscription equips you to coordinate care for yourself and four family members on your mobile phone and authorize their exchange of information during healthcare visits on their mobile phones.

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