Why RK360®?

The RK360® Cloud Health Record App guides you through the U.S. healthcare maze. Powered by the RK360® Digital Health Privacy Platform, the RK360® App equips you for simply secure care coordination. You minimize treatment mistakes by getting providers in various locations and with different hospital and health plan affiliations on the same page about the best care options for you and your family.

Use the RK360® App to own and manage RK360® Cloud Health Records for yourself and your family. Benefit from built-in decision-making rules that experts use in navigating the U.S. healthcare maze. Get nudged by human-intelligence rules into making the right choices throughout your healthcare journey.

Fed up with fragmented U.S. healthcare but determined to get the best care for yourself and your family?

Coping with chronic conditions? Allergies, cancer, chronic pain, heart, IBS, MS, rare genomic diseases, or an undiagnosed medical mystery?

Family caregiver for individuals coping with cerebral palsy, dementia, Parkinson’s, or other diseases?

Health traveler seeking specialty treatment far from home?

Parent saving children’s health records from birth?

Super-Ager defying the effects of old age?

Veteran coping with PTSD, TBI, toxic burn pit exposure, or depression?

Use the RK360® App to capture the care plans, genomic profiles, lab results, and radiology images you have paid for out of pocket and through your insurance premiums. You and your authorized providers get two-factor authenticated methods of uploading tamper-proof files to your encrypted Record. Providers get a safe, easy way to comply with your HIPAA Record Access Requests and prove they have complied.

Use the RK360® App’s Find Care Directory, including all providers in the CMS registry, to locate nearby and distant providers. Providers don’t pay to be listed in the Directory and we don’t resell information about your Directory searches. Use the Directory to find providers who match your preferences for location, health insurance network, specialty, and more. Contact providers securely through the RK360® App on the RK360® Digital Health Privacy Platform, safeguarding communications between you and your providers, avoiding theft, resale, and harmful misuse of your personally identifiable information.

Use the RK360® App for shared decision-making with primary care, telehealth, emergency, urgent care, and hospital-based providers. Before a scheduled visit with a provider, use the App to authorize the provider for time-limited access to an RK360® one-time provider Portal into your Record, where depending upon the permissions you grant, the provider may be able to review key pre-visit information, download your HIPAA PHI Disclosure and Record Access Requests, communicate with you remotely, and upload the results of the consultation. At unscheduled visits, when providers are nearby, you and family members with mobile phones can use the App’s QR code to grant immediate access to patient Records.

The RK360® App equips providers you authorize for Portal access to make personalized rather than one-size-fits-all treatment recommendations, to engage you in shared decision-making about the pros and cons of those recommendations, to create care plans that reflect mutually acceptable decisions, and to upload these care plans to your Record for review by you and providers you consult in the future.

The RK360® App equips you to track troubling daily symptoms of conditions that have resisted conclusive diagnosis or effective treatment and share symptom timelines with specialists, bringing the patient-provider team closer to solving your medical mystery and achieving quality treatment outcomes.

The RK360® Platform safeguards the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all contents of RK360® Records at rest and in transit per HIPAA Security Rule and NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

Sign Up for the the RK360® App and get peace of mind with simply secure care coordination.

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