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The RK360® Cloud Health Record

1. Your RK360® Cloud Health Record Consumer App makes actionable data always available at point of care even when you unexpectedly meet with an unfamiliar healthcare provider, change providers or health plans, or a providers’ records are locked by ransomware.

2. Your RK360® App subscription is one tool for exercising your HIPAA data access and exchange rights with all your providers instead of logins to many different patient portals.

3. Your one RK360® Record consolidates and shares all your own health information with all providers you contact through the nationwide RK360® Provider Directory.

4. With a Family Plan Subscription, you may add up to four RK360® Records to consolidate and share the health information of family members or friends for whom you make healthcare decisions.

5. If you have an iPhone®, you may continuously import data into Records you administer from providers connected to Apple Health including LabCorp, Medicare, Quest Diagnostics®, and Veterans Administration (VA).

6. You may match with providers in the RK360® Directory on credentials, location, schedule, specialty, and health insurance for telehealth and onsite chats and visits.

7. You may send certified HIPAA authorizations to providers you select, for their secure review of pre-visit data and upload of visit results to RK360® Records you administer.

8. You may let providers scan the QR code on your App for immediate data access.

9. You may always export Record contents and delete Records from our servers.


Download Consumer App RK360 and make your life easier. Use the application about the state of your health in any convenient place at any convenient time. Get up-to-date information about your health!

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