Helping loved ones
navigate their care is hard.

We make it easier.

RK360® enables seamless, secure storage and sharing of you and your loved ones complete medical history.
Regardless of the provider or network, RK360® allows you to gather all records in one place.

Empower healthcare providers with full access for informed decisions that significantly impact your health while saving your time, effort, money and energy.

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Use Coupon Code “EARLYCAREGIVER” to lock in your savings.

You will not be billed until the end of your 60-day free trial.

Comprehensive Care Made Effortless

Every time you’ve had a blood test, doctor visit, operation, prescription – there’s valuable data that can unlock the best ways to treat and track current and future illnesses and ailments.

Traditionally, each provider you see keeps the record of your visit and if you want to share it with a new provider, then you must begin the manual process of recounting everyone you’ve seen and manually coordin

With RK360® you own all your health history. It’s at your fingertips for you to view and share with caretakers and medical providers with ease and control.

Features Designed to Coordinate Care with Ease

  • Simply Secure Care Coordination
  • Share Data at the Time of Emergency & Urgent Visits
  • Share Data before Telehealth, Primary Care, Specialist, Hospital Visits
  • Own & Manage RK360 Cloud Records
  • Find & Coordinate Care Nationwide



Quick access to records during an emergency can save your life. When facing disease and complex conditions, ensuring all providers have a full picture of your health history allows you to receive more informed care.



Recounting your medical history and calling around to have records faxed each time you or your loved one sees a new doctor is a waste of valuable time when you could simply click and share.



Avoid having to pay for duplicate tests or imagery because past records can’t be accessed.

Lock in Early Adopter
Pricing Forever

Ownership and accessibility of health records empower everyone – that’s our belief.

RK360® benefits patients, caregivers and providers. Each family subscription includes:

Build your personal
RK360® Record

Administer up to 4
RK360® Record

Get 100 GB Storage
across all records

Match with providers &
share medical records with ease


The Only Truly Consumer-Controlled
Healthcare App

Yes, there are other healthcare apps out there. Your main provider probably even offers a free patient portal. All other apps and portals either sell your information or keep your information within their provider ecosystem.

RK360® is consumer controlled.

So you fully own all your health records privately, with no headaches sharing between networks or oversight from digital spying.



When you subscribe to RK360®, you gain exclusive control over your lifelong RK360® Records. This is in stark contrast to free health apps that often make profits by reselling user data to advertisers. With RK360®, these risks are mitigated, as:

  • You alone possess the authority to manage your health records, keeping your privacy paramount.
  • We never resell your identifiable data, putting your privacy ahead of profits.

If your subscription lapses due to a forgotten renewal or a change in credit card, we continue to securely store your data. Your records remain secure until you decide to renew or cancel your subscription.



Protected by the HIPAA Privacy Rule, your personally identifiable health information (PHI) is safe when stored or exchanged on the RK360® Cloud Health Record App.

While HIPAA does not cover internet searches, our RedKangaroo® Digital Health Privacy Platform securely allows you to search and connect with healthcare providers. This equips both you and your authorized providers with safe access to your RK360® Record.

For added security, you can remove the RK360® App from your phone during travel to prevent unauthorized access.





We prioritize absolute trust in RK360® to safeguard your healthcare data. Our approach includes:

  • Making sure your data — such as care plans, radiology images, lab results, medication and allergy lists, and symptom reports — are tamper-proof and cannot be changed
  • Clear identification of file sources, including the provider who uploaded files

This means your healthcare providers can confidently trust the authenticity of the information they access. It also ensures reliable and safe healthcare decisions, preventing potential risks to you and your providers.



Healthcare providers — from doctors and dentists to hospitals and first responders — collect and store your health information when they provide services. These files, owned by the providers, contain vital data about your health history. Here’s how RK360® helps you assert your rights and access these important records:

  • HIPAA Rights: Under HIPAA, you have the right to request the upload of most file contents, free of charge, to your personal RK360® Record.
  • 21st Century Cures Act: Providers are obligated to honor most patient information requests and avoid information blocking as part of their responsibilities under this act.
  • Find Care Directory: RK360® streamlines the process of contacting past and current providers. Through the Find Care Directory, it automatically sends proof of your consent for information sharing and provides a time-limited link to an encrypted upload portal.

These features not only protect providers from liability but also safeguard you from future data loss and treatment errors.





Privately Access an Expansive Provider Network: Our Find Care Directory does not live publicly online. It’s private, within the app, so when you search for providers, your information is not tracked and shared for marketing. Types of care you can privately search for includes, but is not limited to:

  • Hospitals
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Health Care Clinics
  • Community Mental Health Centers
  • Renal Dialysis Facilities
  • Blood Centers
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers
  • Emergency Medical Services Providers
  • Federally Qualified Health Centers
  • Pharmacies
  • Laboratories

Overcome Ransomware: When providers’ files are compromised by ransomware, RK360® comes to the rescue. Share your QR code to allow providers to safely access all your health information, ensuring your urgently needed care isn’t compromised.



Digital Health Privacy by Design

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