Our Mission

Our mission at Prosocial Applications, Inc. (DBA RedKangaroo) is to democratize healthcare, equipping healthcare consumers and providers to communicate directly and securely with each other without the intrusion of insurance payers, government agencies, fraudsters, or bad actors. We named our RedKangaroo® Digital Health Privacy Platform after the red kangaroo who leaps over obstacles with her joey in her pouch, surviving a challenging environment.

Patients and family caregivers use the Platform’s encrypted, multi-factor authenticated RK360® Cloud Health Records to avoid unauthorized surveillance as they coordinate care, engage with providers in shared data-driven decision making, and store all their scattered health information in one cloud record that they own and exclusively control, maintaining access even when provider’s electronic health records are locked by ransomware.

Consumers first use the App to create longitudinal, consumer-owned, tamper-proof, RK360® Cloud Health Records, populated with the contents of their provider’s electronic health records and patient portals. Next, they search the App’s nationwide Find Care directory of healthcare providers registered with the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, communicating directly with providers to ask questions, schedule telehealth and in person visits, and supply providers with HIPAA record access and request authorizations. Then, they use the App’s wireless communication tags to share pre-visit information and capture results of telehealth and in-person visits, avoiding treatment errors and costly repetition of diagnostic tests.

When traveling for healthcare, consumers secure their RK360® Cloud Health Records by deleting the App from their phones, reinstalling when they arrive at their destinations. When their privacy threat levels are high, they export contents of their RK360® Cloud Health Records to alternative storage and authorize our deletion of their Records. At healthcare visits and when provider’s electronic health records are locked by ransomware, consumers grant providers one-time, two-factor authenticated access to pre-visit information in their Records.

Family caregivers use the App to create and manage their own and their family member’s RK360® Cloud Health Records, authorizing family members who have their own mobile devices to share pre-visit information and capture results of visits when they get care on their own.

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Connecting Patients to Providers through Personalized Health Information