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Becky, age 41

Coping with cancer

I am a single mother of three, in treatment for breast cancer, struggling to keep working as a nurse so I can support my family and maintain our health plan coverage. My goal is to automatically gather all my scattered health data from past, present and future dentists, physicians, hospitals, imaging centers, and pharmacies, keep it for the rest of my life in my encrypted RK360® Cloud Record, and rapidly share relevant, trustworthy information with any provider at point of care via my RK360® Mobile App. I hope to avoid needless safety errors and costly duplicate testing and to get ready for loss of insurance coverage and in-network providers who, for now, document my care in their records.

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Dr. Jane


As a dentist, my goal is for potential new patients to know from my RK360® Provider Directory Listing that after each visit I upload results such as treatment plans and x-rays (radiographs) to their RK360® Cloud Records, so they can easily share results with other dentists and avoid the cost and harm of needless duplication of x-rays.

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Sharon, age 32

Coping with pregnancy and diabetes

I am a lawyer, lucky to have a supportive husband as I balance the demands of my job and a difficult pregnancy complicated by a history of Type 1 diabetes. My goal, via my RK360® Mobile App, is to automatically request and receive from each healthcare provider I consult, the results of our encounter, whether this is a radiology imaging study, a diagnostic report, a referral note, or a care plan, for secure long-term storage and rapid sharing with future providers consistent with their technology preferences in my RK360® Cloud Record. My hope is to get personalized care based on facts about my health status rather than one-size-fits-all care based on first-glance assumptions.

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Ben, age 56

Coping with frequent travel and heart condition

I am an engineer and a frequent traveler outside the U.S., hospitalized on a business trip due to a heart attack, soon to be released for travel home. My goal, via my RK360® Mobile App, is to share the discharge summary from this hospital with a cardiologist back home who will give me a treatment plan with recommendations for what I should do to prevent another heart attack, particularly during stressful travel. During my next emergency, I want to be able to find local providers who share data with patients and send them my treatment plan and my self-reported outcomes via my App. Then, via my App, I want to get from local providers the results of their services and their invoices so my cardiologist can update my treatment plan and so that my health insurance will quickly reimburse my out-of-pocket costs. My hope is that I can keep doing the work I enjoy without health-imposed limitations.

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Jake, age 25

Coping with amputation and PTSD

I am a veteran, returned from Afghanistan after an IED injury destroyed my leg. My goal, using my RK360® Mobile App and Cloud Record, is continuous collection and storage, under my exclusive lifelong control, of all my data from Veterans Administration (VA) and non-VA physical and behavioral health providers so that my irreplaceable records are safe despite changes in VA management and policies. Using my App, I want to restrict the sharing of my behavioral health data to providers who I trust will respect my confidence so that I can openly discuss my PTSD experiences without backlash.

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Tim, age 72

Coping with stroke, and worries about paying medial bills

I am a retired electrician grateful for a good life. After my wife passed away last year and I had a stroke, I moved in with my son and daughter-in-law. I help them out with the rent and the grandkids, and they help me get to doctors’ appointments and visits with friends. I worry about losing my Medicare coverage, getting care from unfamiliar doctors and having to pay-out-of-pocket for surprising and unexpected medical bills. I want to use my RK360® Mobile App and Cloud Record to keep track of all my health records, including doctor and hospital bills, just as I do with my bank records. My daughter-in-law, who is my personal HIPAA representative, wants to be able to use her RK360® App to help me out with all of this.

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Maria, age 19

Coping with a rare genetic disorder

I study computer science, write graphic novels and blog about what life is like for people like me, who my dad has always said have “very special genes.” I want to use my RK360® Mobile App to circulate my health information among my network of nurses, doctors, physical therapists and home health aides so that I can live life large and so that my wonderful parents can worry less.

User Stories RK360

Dr. Juan


As an oncologist, my goal is for potential new patients to know from my RK360® Provider Directory Listing that I will review with them the clinical records and encounter results created by their other providers, which patients send me via their RK360® Mobile Apps. I want patients to know that I aim to understand the differing perspectives of their other healthcare providers, while engaging patients in shared decision making around complex, life-changing issues.

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