Veterans and the Burn Pit Law

By Elaine Blechman

On May 21, 2024, President Biden announced that his administration had approved more than one million claims from veterans injured by toxic exposures under the 2022 PACT Act, perhaps the largest health care and benefit expansion in VA history.

Rather than requiring Veterans to prove that symptoms of toxic exposure are caused by their military service and that they are eligible for VA healthcare, the PACT Act:

  • Expands and extends eligibility for VA health care for Veterans with toxic exposures and Veterans of the Vietnam, Gulf War, and post-9/11 eras
  • Adds 20+ more presumptive conditions for burn pits, Agent Orange, and other toxic exposures
  • Adds more presumptive-exposure locations for Agent Orange and radiation
  • Requires VA-provided toxic exposure screening for every Veteran enrolled in VA health care

Compared to 10 other highest-income countries, Americans have the least access to health care, the worst treatment outcomes and the greatest disease burden—years of life lost due to premature death and years of productive life lost to poor health or disability.

Military Veterans, such as those who are toxin-exposed, have an even greater disease burden than other Americans. Not only because of the dangers of military service. But also, because Veterans are uniquely responsible for proving their health problems are service-caused and eligible for VA healthcare and for coordinating their care across VA and civilian providers.

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a little girl hugging her veteran mom in uniform

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