Why We Just Launched the RedKangaroo Platform and RK360® Apps

By Elaine Blechman, CEO of Prosocial Applications and Professor Emerita U. of Colorado

Just In Time Health Information RedKangaroo®

Everybody wonders, why RedKangaroo®? Because the female RedKangaroo® nurtures her joey and survives arid environments by conserving water, finding fresh vegetation, and bounding over obstacles. Because she has outsmarted her species’ major predators, all now extinct.

RedKangaroo® is our superhero avatar because we make tools for people coping with a fragmented healthcare ecosystem, tools that patients need to avoid medical errors and surprise bills, tools that patients with complex and serious conditions want. Because we are eager to outsmart data-blocking predators who violate the 21st C Cures Act, who profit from locking patient data up in electronic health record systems (EHRs) and patient portals, all but guaranteeing that patients’ visits with unfamiliar providers will be uninformed and error-prone.

That’s why we just launched the RedKangaroo® Interoperability Platform.

At the Platform’s backend is an HL7 FHIR database enabling interoperability between patients and any low- to high-tech, familiar or unfamiliar provider they encounter.

A free, consumer-facing RK360® Cloud Record App at the Platform’s frontend gives patients ownership of the tamper-proof contents of their multi-source, auto-populated, two-factor authenticated cloud records. Patients (and their authorized HIPAA personal representativesfamily caregiverspatient navigators, and care coordinators) can use this App to geolocate providers with National Provider Identifiers (NPIs) by health plan affiliation, location, specialty and willingness to share data and to streamline the exchange of pre- and post-encounter data via provider-selected low- to high-tech channels.

A subscription-based, provider-facing RK360® Info Exchange App is at the Platform’s frontend. Providers, with and without EHRs, can integrate this App into their workflow. They can use this App to match with patients searching for providers by public and private health plan affiliation, location, specialty and willingness to share data with them. Providers can also use the App to streamline compliance with: individuals’ HIPAA health information access requests; federal CMS and ONC interoperability rules for health plans and providers that take effect on January 1, 2020; and, current and emerging state and federal rules curbing surprise and balance billing.

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Elaine Blechman

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