What real people say about RK360® Apps


Escrowed with corporate counsel


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“As a dentist,  this is the kind of tool that I and my patients would find to be very helpful.
Currently, when a new patient contacts my office, there is an enormous waste of time and effort trying to contact the previous provider to get x-rays and treatment records. Often the office is closed, or doesn’t have digital images/notes and so days/weeks  can ensue before the records are available. This often means delaying treatment, or taking x-rays which means an additional cost to the patient , as well as additional exposure to x-rays.”

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NYC Public School Teacher and Cancer Survivor

“Going through the trauma of cancer wasn’t helped at all by how broken data sharing is in even the best health systems. A product like RedKangaroo® would have saved me and my family so
time and additional stress.”

Owner of Office Management Company

“A few years back, I went through extensive testing and treatment for fertility issues around my PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). This app would have really helped my doctors share and communicate around test results, labs, treatment plans. It was all me at the time, juggling communications and trying to track the extensive billing. I think this tool would be very helpful for families and individuals embarking on their fertility journey.”

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Retired IBM Executive

“There are many things about this tool that I like and think are very smart.
There is more of an emphasis on provider needs and providing leads to patients.
The emphasis on ransomware and HIPAA authorizations is a smart thing to do. For many doctors, you can’t send them an email with an attachment – they can’t accept it.
I was really interested in being able to get results automatically – many doctors are not so good about doing that. It’s really important to get that information back to the patient, especially if they have questions.
Access to baseline images and records over time can be incredibly valuable.”


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College Professor

“I’ve learned about the importance of being able to gather medical records all in one place in three ways.  First, as a cancer patient.  I had testicular cancer 25 years ago and though I have not suffered any significant problems as a result of the cancer, I have some lingering issues related not to the cancer but, rather to the treatment of the cancer.  It is good for doctors to be able to access my records, know what was done to me, and formulate a plan for the future.
Second, as the spouse of a cancer patient.  My wife has had cancer for many years.  While she is doing well, it is extremely useful for doctors who are new to her care to be able to see her long history of scans and treatments when considering new strategies.
Third, as the son of a mother who suffered for many years with a strange disease, idiopathic neuropathy, that seems like it could have a hereditary element to it.  For possible future medical treatment of myself and my children, easy access to my mother’s voluminous medical records could be invaluable.”

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“As a physician, I find the RK360® medical record exchange platform especially useful in the smaller practice setting where timely exchange of medical records between patient and provider is not always possible. The RK360® platform prepares the provider for short-notice telehealth or in-person visits by receiving pertinent medical records sent electronically directly from subscribing patients.

After the visit, the provider verifies the visit by providing to the patient electronic documentation for the care received and treatment plans that the patient can share with family and other providers.

As a patient, I find the RK360® platform intuitive to use, while placing recent and archived medical data from many sources at my fingertips. This ready access is especially important in case of a medical emergency, where this information can be shared through my cell phone with the emergency provider. The platform eliminates surprise bills by allowing me to find and identify providers in my network. The RK360® app allows me to monitor Covid-related symptom over time and by severity, identify symptoms associated with long Covid, and record specific information related to Covid testing and vaccination.”

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“As a senior, I am well aware of the difficulties in not only finding and receiving thorough medical attention but in the myriad of ways that medical records are kept. Between my visits with the medical staff at my living facility, VA care and generalists/specialists that I visit, coupled with using Medicare and Medicaid, housing all of my data and correspondence in one place would be ideal.
I have found a lack of consistency in how medical records are treated and referenced, often varying between not just medical facilities, but individual offices and individual practitioners.
Although I am in my golden years, I still feel comfortable using the cloud and my phone for health data and personal records. Gone are the days of color-coated folders sitting in the doctors office behind the receptionist desk.”