By Peter Raich, MD, FACP Chief Medical Officer, Prosocial Applications, Inc. [DBA RedKangaroo] Professor Emeritus, U. of Colorado

Lessons learned from the pandemic. Consumers who want the safest healthcare outcomes for themselves and their families need expert healthtech that incorporates simple context-dependent rules for navigating the complex U.S. healthcare system

Manage Health Services Anywhere Anytime In 2020, most U.S. adults (57%) accessed financial services via laptop or PC, yet few (16%) used internet or email to communicate with healthcare providers even though

I was raised by a mother with MS. As a psychologist, I saw families struggling with our high-cost, low-quality healthcare ecosystem.

Everybody wonders, why RedKangaroo? Because the female red kangaroo nurtures her joey and survives arid environments by conserving water, finding fresh vegetation, and bounding over obstacles